I have to say, this beef is good but not as good as the beef form Beyond Organic. Check out the beef I love at poznaisebia.mybeyondorganic.com












































Ok, if THAT wasn’t enough from the farmers market, me and a good friend of mine decided to check out a local foods market. It’s call “Love Whole Foods” and I have to say, this place is DA BOMB when it comes to whole food nutrition. I had a ton of fun in this store. Check it all out below!


Love Whole Foods? Well YES! I DO!











My failed attempt at A) making a sad face and B) purchasing kale. Apparently Love Whole Foods had to warn everyone upfront about not having kale at their store. That IS some seriously sad news. BOO!!!!

This sign is self explanatory.
Ok, again. This cheese is awesome and it’s a definite foodie find. However, if you need something less robust for your taste buds, check out the Raw Cheddar Cheese from Beyond Organic at poznaisebia.mybeyondorganic.com. Just sayin’!


















































Ok, so that’s a LOT of amazing food I just found here around Daytona. I must say, the local produce and local meats here are TO DIE FOR! If any of yinz up in da Burgh ever get a chance to check out Daytona Beach, do so IMMEDIATELY! This place is a Primal paradise!


Speaking of all things Primal, I have to let yunz know that this vacation isn’t all about foodie finds. I have some awesome fitness adventures in store for you guys. I don’t want to give it all away just yet, but I will say this. I was fortunate enough to be graced by the presence of the absolutely amazing Adrienne Harvey of giryagirl.com. We actually were able to meet up at a local park in Orlando (though I was about 30 minutes late due to technological difficulties with my GPS. Long story). Adrienne gave me some awesome tips on how to do some seriously heavy swings (I’m talking 32 kg here. No joke!) , and I was even able to have her teach me the basics of clutch flags (I can’t do them quite yet, but I WILL get there. Mark my words!). I will have some awesome youtube videos up of us hanging out later this week, so STAY TUNED! Seriously, yinz ain’t seen nothing yet!


Oh, and just in case you think I’m lying to you all about this epic kettlebell meet up, take a look at this picture below. I’m not kidding! A day in kettlebell history has been made! And that’s real talk, ya heard?


Yeah I know. I am REALLY SWEATY in this photo but HEY! If you saw the amount of work Adrienne and I did at Maitland Community Park, you’d understand. The consumption of Sueroviv most certainly took place on Saturday. Humidity is killer in this state! Check out Sueroviv at poznaisebia.mybeyondorganic.com.



Stay tuned for more Primal fun coming to you live from Florida! Remember to always eat smart, train hard, and enjoy your life!


Love Always,